Shelltoys Inc.

Shelltoys Inc. is a developer of theming and audio & video software.

Apt #24, 139a Krasny Put, Omsk, 644033, Russian Federation
General phone:
+7 902 9887139
Kirill Kirillov

Best software by Shelltoys Inc.

ZVolume Pro
advanced volume control system for PC.
Personal Assistant
Comprehensive personal information manager.
Active Captions
Handy utility that extends window's caption buttons .

Popular programs by Shelltoys Inc.

Access Folders
Utility that provides fast access in your Open/Save dialogs.
Cool Desk
Cool Desk a virtual desktop manager which suport 'skins'.
SClock Plus
Easy-to-use desktop multilingual speaking clock with alarm system.
Cool Mouse
The right-mouse button in Windows gets a good workout, but that poor old middle button on three-butt...
Amazing CD Ripper
Powerful and easy-to-use software for ripping audio CD.

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